About Us

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To make your travel easier and more personalized - is our top priority!

The future is here... Baarb is a revolutionary new way to book hotels on your desktop or mobile app.

We have combined vast human experience with cutting-edge artificial intelligence and natural language search capability to deliver the highest level of personalized hotel search results that meet your individual preferences. No more sifting through hundreds of generic listings, or waiting for an agent to get back to you. But don’t worry; knowledgeable humans are still happy to help if you need us!

Baarb is a technology company built by people who love to travel and dream of visiting every corner of the world. We believe that making travel easier and more personalized for people will help unite communities, and make the world a better place, one traveler at a time!

If you have questions, please contact us at info@baarb.com.

Our founders
Barbara Parshall
Founder & CEO

Our CEO, Barbara, spent most of her career leading distinguished, global financial institutions such as Bear Stearns, Charles Schwab Institutional, and Fidelity Investments, where she met her long-time friend and Baarb co-founder, Sanya Obsivac. Delivering world-class technology for these companies was at the core of Barbara’s success, and having won numerous awards for her leadership, she consulted hundreds of startup businesses on how to grow, compete, and succeed. A passion for exotic vacations to far-flung corners of the world combined with many nights of business travel, fueled her quest to find the best hotels and develop a way to make it easier for others to do so.

Sanya Obsivac
Co-Founder and Chief Marketing Officer

Sanya leads our creative and marketing team and is responsible for the execution of the Baarb brand. A Northeastern University undergrad and MBA, Sanya hails originally from Croatia and spent many of her college days competing on the Charles River in Boston as a champion rower. Most of her career has been spent leading creative and digital marketing, B2B and B2C solutions, and international distribution, for global media and entertainment giants NBC Universal and FOX Networks. Ask her what the acronym, Baarb, stands for!