How does Baarb work?
Baarb is a hotel search and price comparison website. We scan leading hotel booking sites, such as Expedia and Booking.com, to help you find your ideal hotel for the best price. Once you find a hotel that you like, you can click on the deal to be taken to the booking site offering the rate where you can make a reservation directly with them.
Does Baarb charge any fees?
Baarb is free to use for hotel booking. We do not add any fees or mark-ups onto the hotel prices compared on our website.
What is a star rating?
Third-party partners and national ratings organizations provide star ratings to us. We are not able to change these ratings.
What is a user score?
A user score is a way travelers can quickly share an opinion of their experience at an accommodation. Ratings are measured on a scale of 1 to 5 bubbles, 5 being the best.
What if I have a question about my reservation, or need to make a change?
You will need to contact the booking site you booked the hotel with for any questions regarding your reservation. You can find the contact details of popular booking sites on Baarb by clicking here.
 To identify which booking site you used, you should be able to find its name on your booking confirmation email. Please double-check your spam folder should you not have received one.
If you cannot find your confirmation email, you can always search on Baarb for the hotel and dates you booked to identify the booking site you made your reservation with. You may also be able to find more information by looking in your internet browser history for the day you made the booking. You can also try checking your credit card or bank statement, as the name of the booking site you made your reservation with may appear next to the outgoing payment.
How do I contact Baarb if I have a question?
Do you have an app?
Our website is designed to work on phones with mobile browsers. Both iOS and Android apps are coming soon!
If you are experiencing an issue on Baarb that is not addressed above, or would like to provide us with feedback, please contact us.